Some of the e-mails and comments we've had about recent gigs.

"I'd like to say a huge belated thank you for playing at our wedding, we thought you were brilliant and our friends all said how fantastic you all were. Even the oldies were impressed!"

"... a top night ... quality band! ..."

"... the band managed to get everyone dancing ..."

"... a quality evening, with much respect to the band!"

"... you lot were pretty damn good."

"... it was so enjoyable that I stayed to the end, missed my train and in a drunken state refused a taxi drivers kind offer to relieve me of £55 and decided it was sensible to walk home." (honestly!)

"There were howls of 'Encore!' from the crowd and the band, obviously enjoying the moment as much as the crowd, rounded the evening off with 'Hard to Handle', complete with audience participation." (review, thanks to Mark S.)