Here are a few mp3's to give you an idea of how we sound.


These are three tracks of less than 5 minutes, and each contains clips of 5 songs.

They were recorded during a rehearsal, so we're playing live but there's a fairly studio-like sound.

If you're on a slow connection, all 15 clips can be downloaded individually.
Alternatively, if you'd like us to send you a Demo CD, please contact us.

Demo 1 3,884 Kb
Demo 2 4,655 Kb
Demo 3 4,508 Kb


This recording, on the other hand, was made during a live gig.

The sound quality is not great because of this; think of it as a bootleg!

Hard to Handle (full) 3,548 Kb
Hard to Handle (clip) 577 Kb

Individual Clips from the Demo

Daysleeper (clip) 840 Kb
Made of Stone (clip) 708 Kb
Take me Out (clip) 703 Kb
Grace (clip) 521 Kb
Whiskey in the Jar (clip) 1,133 Kb
Last Nite (clip) 1,021 Kb
Too Bad (clip) 961 Kb
El Salvador (clip) 636 Kb
Roadhouse Blues (clip) 881 Kb
Something Changed (clip) 1,178 Kb
Moving (clip) 834 Kb
New England (clip) 772 Kb
Losing my Religion (clip) 678 Kb
Scar Tissue (clip) 1,084 Kb
Take a Ride (clip) 1,162 Kb